When you adopt a Maine Coon be prepared to have a furry face meet you at the door when you come home.

  You'll have someone waiting patiently to collect a tummy rub and

you'll never want for someone to warm your lap and your heart during quiet times.



Welcome to  NO*Langhalen!

We are  a  small home cattery located in the beautiful place  in West Norway,  dedicated to the belief that our cats live as members of our family. 

Our cats are never caged and our kittens are raised underfoot until the day they go to their new forever homes.  The  cats have their own big cat yard complete with cat trees and toys.

Our breeding cats are DNA and cardiac ultrasound tested annually by a certified cardiologist. 

NO*Langhalen is proud to be registered and show in the FIFe Organizations.  We are members of the Rogaland RasekattklubbNorske Rasekattklubbers RiksforbundMaine Coon Lovers and Breeders (MCO LaB).

If you are interested in acquiring one of our beautiful, happy Maine Coons we welcome your inquiry.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail or call us!



There are many myths of the Maine Coons origin.

A very popular (though biologically impossible): one being that it originated from matings between semi-wild and domestic cats and raccoons. This belief  led to the adoption of the name Maine Coon.

An attractive story:   Marie Antoinette, when planning to escape at the time of the French Revolution, sent her cats to be cared for

in the United States until she could find an alternative home.

Realistic: most breeders today believe that the breed originated in crosses between early Angoras (probably introduced by New England seamen) and short-haired domestic cats or Norwegian Forest Cats brought to America by the Vikings. It is North America’s only natural longhair breed, and the state of Maine’s official cat.


The Maine Coon, one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, is often referred to as the gentle giant of the cat family. The Maine Coons have a large  head, high cheekbones and square muzzle.

Ears are large and set high on top of the head, well tufted with nice lynx tipping.  The body is long, rectangular and the chest is broad. The coat is semi long,  silky, shaggy, uneven with a slight undercoat. 

The tail is extremely   long, full and plume.   

Maine Coons come in every color with the exception of  Siamese-like pointed colors.  More and more we are seeing silver, red, blue, cream and patched tabbies.   Maine Coons also come in solid colors such as black, white, red, blue or tortoiseshell.  Any of these colors can be with white bib, belly and feet.  Eye color is almost always green, gold, or a combination of both.  The exception is a solid white Maine Coon which may have blue eyes or one blue eye and one gold eye.

Maine Coons develop relatively slowly, and may not achieve their full size until they are about three - five years old. Many people consider them to be the perfect domestic pets, with their clown-like personality, amusing habits and tricks, and easily groomed coat.


Maine Coons are intelligent, playful, and very sweet natured.  They love their people and are excellent for families with children, dogs, and other cats.  They enjoy staying close by and helping with whatever is going on,  to investigate your activity and offer assistance if  needed.  They are a loyal companion and will follow you through out the house, as if, you have a feline dog. 

Affectionately named "Gentle Giants", Maine Coons remain kitten-like and playful throughout their lives.  And even their "meow" is surprisingly soft and tiny.  They love to talk to their people and tell about their day, waiting for an opportunity to play.  They are a mixture of elegance and ruggedness, wildness and gentleness.  

What you can expect from a NO*Langhalen Kitten.

  • age appropriate vaccinations
  • micro-chipped
  • registration

The kittens will be ready to go home at 13-14 weeks of age. Longer if we feel the kitten is not ready. This is non-negotiable & for the kittens best interest.


Cat's life: