maine  coon oppdrett


                                                             Happiness is a Maine Coon



   14.01.2021   New photos of Litter P

    27.11.2020   We have kittens!  Litter P

  20.05.2020   We have kittens! Litter O   - SOLD

 18.04.2020   New photos Litter N


  18.01.2020   We have kittens!   Litter N - SOLD

  09.12.2019   We have kittens!   Litter M - SOLD

 06.07.2019   We have kittens!   Litter J, Litter K,  Litter L  -SOLD

   20.12.2018   We have kittens!   Litter G, Litter H  og Litter I  :) -SOLD

14.09.2018    Welcome home,  Winerau Umbrella Magnolia!

   Thank you so much for   Manuela Töpfl by  Winerau!

02.09.2018     New photos of litter F :)

  18.06.2018    We have kittens. Litter F :)-SOLD

  02.03.2018    We have kittens. Litter E :) -SOLD

18.02.2018    Welcome home, Britling*BY Irvin!

Our new family member has arrived!

Thank you so much  to Alena Bot by  Britling*BY!

  07.10.2017    Brasileira SViNdoff - RORAK, 2* EX1 CAC

  03.09.2017    We have kittens for sale :) New photos of litter D.

   04.06.2017    We have kittens for sale :) ! - SOLD


       25.05.201    Welcome home, Brasileira SViNdoff!

Our new family member has arrived! Thank you so much  to Natalia Stets by  SViNdoff!


08.04.2017  We expect kittens from the mate Bergliot & A'Rover between  18 and 29 May 2017

09.11.2016    We have kittens for sale :) ! - Sold

14.04.2016    Welcome Home, Langstteich's A'Rover!

Our new family member has arrived! Langstteich's A'Rover and a million thanks to

Helga Teetz by Langstteich!

Ich bin Ihnen sehr dankbar für, Helga!

02.07.2014   Welcome home, Winerau Chamomile!

                         Thank you so much, Manuela!       

  22.06.2014   Welcome home, Big-Hannibals Mayflower!

                                             Thank you so much, Katrin! :)


18 .04.2014   63 and 64 International show, Haugesund,  Spellbound's Bergliot - ExI, CAC


06 .10.2013  61 and 62 International show, Orre,  Spellbound's Bergliot - Ex1


                                                  If you  prevent  maine  coons from  poke their noses into the all corners, they become really unhappy